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The PiP model
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Features

    PiP: a software for calculating vibration from underground railways

    Developed by: Dr. Mohammed Hussein and Dr. Hugh Hunt

    5.01 will include a multi-layered ground and will calculate vibration in other directions beside the vertical direction

    4.01 released on www Sep 2009
    Main Features
    - Accounting for a tunnel embedded in a half space rather than a full space
    - Modelling the tunnel wall using the elastic continuum (thick shell) theory rather than the thin shell theory
    - Using a track model on elastic foundation (an excitation model) to calculate forces at the wheel-rail interface
    - Accounting for different spectra of rail roughness beside white noise

    3.01 released on www Aug 2006
    - Contour plots
    - Rigid bedrock
    - Printing option

    2.01 Released on www May 2006
    - Graphical user interface
    - History record
    - toggle insertion gain / PSD output
    - vectorized code dramatically improves running time

    1.01 June 1999
    Computational tool based on the Pipe in Pipe model developed by James Forrest and Hugh Hunt.